Founded in 2018 by designer Carmelo Morello, born in 1976, a Sicilian and adopted Roman, CRML design has evolved its vision in2023, transforming into Carmelo Morello Studio, a creative, research, and preservation project, a continuous evolution path of imagination and culture, a renewed space that perfectly embodies the concept of an atelier-studio.

A place where ideas take shape.

Carmelo Morello Studio’s collections spring from creativity, research, and above all, the idea of making each garment unique, from the choice of fine materials to the use of tailoring workshops.


The collections of Carmelo Morello studio are shaped by a well-defined aesthetic vision, a minimalist attitude clearly perceived in every single piece, designed and crafted with extreme care and tailoring technique.

A subtle boundary between discipline and boldness, in the reinterpretation of the most “classic” shapes and in the use of materials.

An innate passion for outerwear, coats, men’s blazers, shirts, garments that are celebrated and reinterpreted, sometimes “reinvented” or deconstructed.


Located on Via di Monserrato 101, one of the most picturesque and elegant streets in Rome, amid art galleries and ancient artisan workshops, in the heart of the city’s historical center, Carmelo Morello Studio opens the doors of its new boutique-atelier.

A space dedicated to the collections of designer Carmelo Morello, garments that blur the lines between male and female wardrobes, a “gender fluid” style presented in a perfect balance of shapes, proportions, and contrasts.

A place that reflects the taste and philosophy of the brand, a “cabinet of marvels” with a Mitteleuropean atmosphere.